When investing into masternodes, it would be illogical to make investment decisions based purely on financial information like ROI, price, market capitalisation, etc. Of course these are important factors, but they change very often and tell you very little about the coin/project itself.

Some other important factors include :

  • Development
    Cryptocurrency is still essentially distributed software, which should be open-sourced. You may want to check the development activity (how many developers are contributing, how often, how many releases were done, etc.)
  • Wallets
    If you’d want to use the coin, what are the platforms you can use it on ? Can you use only desktop/laptop or mobile platforms like iOS or Android too ? Or even multi-asset wallets like Exodus or Jaxx ?
  • Community
    What are the social platforms where you can get more information about the coin/project ?
  • Public/general information
    How old is the coin? How many people are in the team ? Whitepaper readings (if available).

MasternodeCorner tries to summarise all the above information in one place so it’s easier to compare masternodes from different perspectives.

MasternodeCorner does not recommend any particular coin, nor does it give any financial advice. None of our team members are trained traders/investors. You should do your own research and make sure to afford to lose what you invest. MasternodeCorner is not responsible for any investment gains or losses based on the information displayed on this website.

We are aggregating data from the following platforms :
CoinGecko CoinMarketCap CryptoCompare CoinCheckup CoinLib

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