Apart from from masternode name, icon and symbol, there is a category label assigned to each masternode. This identifies the specific domain as specified on coin's website. Coins that were hard to categorize because their main aim/mission wasn't clearly stated are marked as Currency.

Main listing

All information is displayed in four column groups :

  • General info - publicly available information from coin's website and blockchain
  • Platforms & Network - wallets for using the coin, where can you trade it and where to get more information about it
  • Financial - financial information about the coin
  • Development - information about the development activity on coin's repository

General info

  • Website
    Click the icon to take you to coin's website in a new window.
  • Project start
    Start date of the coin's blockchain. Date of the Genesis block is used here.
  • Team size
    How many people are behind the coin in all departments (development, management, administration, etc.).
  • Whitepaper
    Click the icon to open the Whitepaper in a new window.

Platforms & Network

  • Wallets
    Number of platforms you can install the wallet on. Click the number to display platform options.

    5+ in green 3 and 4 in orange 2 or less in red

  • Exchanges
    Number of exchanges where you can trade the coin. Click the number to display available exchanges (click the logo to enter the exchange in new window).

    3+ in green 2 in orange 1 in red

  • Community
    Number of social networks you can connect with the coin. Click the number to display social networks & github (click the logo to enter the network).

    5+ in green 3 and 4 in orange 2 and less in red

  • Active masternodes
    Number of active masternodes on the network.


  • Price
    Current price of the coin. Price also includes icon indicating change (percent) in last 24 hours :

    more than 15% less than 15% less than 0% less than -15%

  • Volume in last 24h
    Value that was traded in last 24 hours.
  • Marketcap
    Market Capitalization (way to measure relative size of the coin on the market). It's calculated by multiplying Price by the Circulating supply.
    Price also includes icon indicating change (percent) in last 24 hours :

    more than 15% less than 15% less than 0% less than -15%

  • ROI
    Annual (R)eturn (O)n (I)nvestment of the coin.
  • Masternode worth
    Value of the masternode based on the current price. Hover cursor to see number of required coins for a masternode (a.k.a collateral).
  • Locked in Masternodes
    Percentage of masternode portion locked in the current circulating supply.
    The bigger the circle, the bigger the portion (percentage).


  • Development team size
    Number of developers/collaborators that regularly contribute to code repository (is usually lover than total contributors).
  • Releases
    Number of all releases.
  • Commits
    Number of total commits. This number inherits all commits when forked.
  • Last commit
    Last activity made on the code repository. Hover cursor to see exact date with author.

    Less than 3 months 3 to 6 months 6+ months

Ranks & Scores

Coin summary column group includes selected columns from the Main listing compared against ranks/scores/points provided by popular industry analysis & research platforms. Color of ranks & scores is interpolated between green (higher ranks & scores) and red (lower ranks & scores) relatively to each platform. Ranks, scores and points are refreshed every ~15 minutes, so actual value might differ within small tolerance.